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Guide to Iceland – Useful websites

Plan your photoshoot and get to know Iceland

Hæ! Since I live in Iceland, I often get asked by Clients about the country itself. The best photoshoot locations, local weather conditions, planning the trip… so, why not writing about it for my blog? Here’s my subjective selection of useful Icelandic websites. Personally, I visit them almost everyday to plan photoshoots. If you want to visit Iceland – these are your lifesavers. First two, especially. 


Guide to Iceland - Useful websites

This is an official site of the Icelandic Meteorological Office. It’s an invaluable source of knowledge about weather and climate in Iceland. I’m on it daily to find out about temperature, how strong the wind will be, if it’s going to rain, or whether the Katla volcano has increased its activity. We now live in Reykjavik, but we used to live in Vik, just below Iceland’s most dangerous volcano. It was a necessary thing to check.

It’s best to be prepared and select your photoshoot date and time in  Iceland with the best, reliable weather information. The weather can be dangerous and without proper preparation you can put your health or life at stake. Especially in the winter. According to my observations, the forecasts placed on the website are accurate. You will find clear maps from which you can easily read the information you need. The site is available in English.


This site is dedicated to road conditions in Iceland. Available in English. Essential if you travel by car in the winter. It’s the official source of information about road accessibility and safety. What I like in particular, is the useful map, which marks almost all major roads in the country. This map shows you driving conditions around the island in useful colors. It’s something I check before even thinking about going out of town for a wedding photoshoot with Clients. For example, green means easy passage, blue means slippery road, and red means closed road where no entry is allowed. The symbols on the map inform about snow or fog. It’s a place to check the strength of the wind – something extremely important before hitting the road (if your vehicle is fairly tall – this kind of info is essential).

You can see some roads via online cameras here. You will also learn a lot about Iceland’s traffic rules. Sometimes they differ from those in other European countries. One of my favorite options on the site is the ability to monitor traffic on individual sections. Most of the traffic in Iceland takes place in the West and in the South of the country. The Northeast, on the other hand, seems to be abandoned. Just imagine, when you want to get to the Eastern Fjords, you won’t meet another soul for miles, not to mention a car passing by. Very useful info in terms of planning a wedding photoshoot and taking some extra measures to ensure you have everything you need on a trip like this.


Guide to Iceland - Useful websites

This is not your typical Iceland-focused website. But nevertheless, it’s in the top recommended on my list. Why?

While we speak about photoshoot with Clients, there are questions in the likes of: is it possible to catch sunset in X location? Or: do you think we can have our elopement photos taken at sunset at X? I’m not saying no to this idea, but it’s the weather and the time of sunset/sunrise that play a crucial role here. Measure it well and everything is possible, measure it wrong and we won’t get there or get out of there in time to come home safely. 


Guide to Iceland - Useful websites

Guide to Iceland, as the name suggests, is a portal-guide to Iceland. On the main page you’ll find an abundance of offers to: buy various trips, rent a car, and take advantage of many (paid) attractions. Of course, that’s not why I recommend this site.

After ignoring the typically commercial part, you can find many good articles, descriptions of interesting places and attractions for which you don’t have to pay. Guide to Iceland is a great source of inspiration for anyone planning a trip to Iceland. I go there quite often, to read about the places I haven’t seen yet, researching new and exciting photoshoot locations. The site is available in nine languages


Guide to Iceland - Useful websites

News from Iceland – all in one place. Available in English. Apparently it’s the most popular news site in the country. Is the best? I don’t know. Every day, Iceland Monitor offers a lot of local news from areas such as politics, society, culture and tourism. Granted, we won’t find the sharpest journalistic efforts here, but the information is enough to get an idea of ​​what’s going on around the island.


Guide to Iceland - Useful websites

This site is targeted for people who already live in Iceland and are looking for information about work, education, health, insurance, and other matters regulated by the state. You can find out about the rights and obligations of a citizen, a resident, or a person working in Iceland short-term. If you plan to come to Iceland and stay here a little bit longer – this is a good source of information. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for here – they link to all the right places, where more info can be found. Most people coming to work in Iceland have some information from the immigrants living here already, but it’s always worth to verify it yourself, right?

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